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My Personal Codex

My Personal Codex

Hello, I'm Mohamad Kalaaji 👋🏻 I'm an AWS Community Builder and Software Developer.

I take a lot of notes from the things I learn of (I have stack of notebooks in my private library) and I read a lot (52 books per year is my minimal requirement). I have decided to publish all of my notes to the general public for free, these notes are captured from various sources specifically from books and courses.

These notes are in no order and will be published by topic rather than publishing them randomly (a [[changelog]] will be added to know when a topic is published on a specific date). While I do document them using Obsidian , one issue is that I organize my Obsidian notes using the Dewey Decimal System but this site has one limitation is that it is not friendly with hierachical structures so there will be some limitations in how I am going to structure my notes hence they will take more time to publish than usual.

The reason why I called it "The Codex Project" is that it will be similar to how a book or manuscript will be written but things are linked together easily for you to move around!

To start, consider checking the [[MOC]] (map of content) page to know what the site will serve and find related topics easily.

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